Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photography, Me and My Living

Often I think about visiting a pshychiatrist when I become a void with nothing to fill in. All the faces around seem new! All the conversation feels bored!

Emptyness is the only thing I feel. I am a bit exhausted. Oh! I totally forgot my camera! It is the time I should take my camera and raom aroud for a good capture. Of course, all I click are abstracts! Results are awesome!

I am overwhelmed with happiness which I dont want to spoil with some non-sense conversations. I take my camera! And my clicks represent the happiness of the world. It emphasizes the need to live in.

I feel lively after a good conversation with a pretty girl. All I focus to capture reflects the beauty of this world. Mind is looking for positive aspects in all. No time to think about negetives and of course I am holding a roll of negetives!

Alas! I am filled with sorrow! Aperture allow only negetive things which I could witness along the way. When I try to supress the feel, I am failed. Results look crappy in way that I dont dare to show you any of them!

At times, I am totally detached from the rest of the world. Clicking the nature. The almighty! We dont know when she turns violent or calm or soothing!

Am I really taking photohraphs? Nope. I have just found a way to capture my mood. Often, it uses to retrospect myself. It makes me feel light. I am not even making a penny out of this. I am destined to do this. And this is not my business.

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